Regency ball at Schielanshuis

The Regency Ball is held at Schielandshuis in Rotterdam, Saturday 28 OctoberThe Ball is in honour of Napoleon who stayed at Schielandshuis for 2 nights with his wife Marie Louise 25 – 27 October 1811. The Ball will be held the 28th, the day after.There will be a danceworkshop at …continue reading Regency ball at Schielanshuis

Veere 1809 Regency Civilian Weekend

 During the reenactment event ‘Walcheren Expedition 1809’, there are extra activities for the ‘Regency civilian guests’ who travel down especially for this event. There is time to watch the battle and activities around it during the weekend. Program 23-25 August 2019 Friday 23 august 1 – 3.30 pm – Regency Civilian …continue reading Veere 1809 Regency Civilian Weekend

Austen in Leuven

This years theme at the library of  Leuven is ‘200 jaar Jane Austen’. Regency Fashion looked after the Regency outfit to complete the Regency room in ‘de Bib Leuven’ to be seen from 21 september-21 oktober. An Extra festive day is on Saturday 14 October.   

Classic Charm by Alma Tadema

More than 80 masterpieces by the 19th century artist Alma Tadema are in the Frisian Museum for the exhibition Alma-Tadema: Classical Charm. His international top pieces, his world and his influence on film meet in Alma Tadema’s home city of Leeuwarden in the Frisian Museum from 1 October 2016 to …continue reading Classic Charm by Alma Tadema

1830 Castle Feast

After the 18th-century wedding in 2012 and the reception of Napoleon in 2014 we will now evoke the time of the United Kingdom of the Netherlands and the Belgian Revolution of 1830. If you are interested to participate as a reenactor or if you have any questions, please send a …continue reading 1830 Castle Feast

Turner exhibition

Gevaar & Schoonheid – Turner en de traditie van het sublieme 5 sept 2015 t/m 3 jan 2016 –  in het Rijksmuseum Twenthe         Dido building Carthage; or the Rise of the Carthaginian Empire 1815; Oil on canvas, 155.5 x 232 cm; National Gallery, London Turner, John …continue reading Turner exhibition