Museum night at Geelvinck, Amsterdam

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Battle of Waterloo 1815, Napoleon conquered!

The family in Geelvinck Hinlopen House celebrates: the hated French out of the country and the new monarch William I.

Reason for the family to throw a big party, with singing, dancing and all kinds of fun; There is music, singing and we toast on the victory and the hero of Waterloo: Crown Prince Willem Frederik of Orange-Nassau.

Along with the Jane Austen Society we dance the night away.

In Café de Nuit we can relax with coffee/tea and cake.

Performers: Belfontis Trio with violin, cello and fortepiano. Guy Sonnen tells and sings. Kaoru Iwamura and Tullia Melandri on fortepiano. The Jane Austen Regency Dancers of the Jane Austen Society Netherlands

program: Contre-dances: from 19:00 to 23 hours of music and song: up to 24 hours. Location: Museum Geelvinck Hinlopen, 1017 DS Amsterdam Keizersgracht 633 ticket sales through the website of the Museum night.

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