Regency men’s clothing

Regency Fashion makes clothing using examples from the relevant style period.  A small number of costumes is available for rental. Ask about the possibilities of costumemaking by sending an e-mail. For more ideas go to our Portfolio or Facebook. For women clothes go to The Gown and Spencer & Pelisse.

Garth Frockcoat








In the Regency era men wore tight fit clothing. The trousers and jackets, made from linen or wool. With wide blouse and waistcoat or vest, and a cravat draped around the collar, tight into a bow or  a knot. The cravat was made of a light coloured strip of fabric. Men wore a neckband or cravat, draped over the collar. Made of a light coloured strip of fabric. It is possible that cravats were initially worn to hide shirts which were not immaculately clean.

waistcoat zwart borduurgoeff duo photo







During the day long trousers were worn with boots. In the evening knee long trousers with flat shoes.

tailcoat Jörg 2x

tailcoat Russel duo







Different to the Barok period less decoration and colour was used.

Russell waistcoat collage

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