Spencer & Pelisse

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riding habit 006 photo me riding habit made by Helen







The Spencer is a short jacket, often with long sleeves and with a high neckline.  And worn over the Regency gown, especially with the Afternoon Dress. The Spencer is made fitted, like the gown. Mostly made from silk or wool. In Regency times women wore, depending on the weather, spencers with a hat or bonnet,  long coats, capes with hood and gloves or a muff.capelet petrol duo
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In Spring and Summer scarves were worn, these were made of heavy cashmere, light silk or fine cotton. Often decorated with classical Greek motifs, other scarves decorated  with Peacock motifs.


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The ‘ Pelisse ‘ is an overgarment or coat, and made in the same shape as the dress, like teh Spencer. Pelisses were worn over the Evening gown  in the early Regency period. Some  years later Pelisses were worn over the Afternoon Gown. Often made with sleeves sometimes without, and closing at the front. Pelisses were made in a shorter or longer model, some of them had a train.

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Kopie van Doris pelisse pi,ped 2014-05-30 21.05.19For more history and information go to Regency Costumes and The Gown