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In the Regency era ladies used to dress, up to three times per day. They had morning, afternoon and evening dresses.


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The Morning Dress was worn until the afternoon, when visitors were expected  or trips were planned. The dress was simple of a warm ‘ practical’ fabric, with a high neckline. Often old dresses were reused as they were not going out most mornings, and dresses were only to be seen by Family. In this way one saved money to buy nicer fabricfor dresses that were worn in ‘public’. At daytime women practiced on the piano, had for writing letters, sewing, reading, supervise the garden, etc. For  picking herbs or flowers decorative aprons were worn.

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The Afternoon Dress was more formal and often made of muslin. Worn until five or seven in the evening. The afternoon dress had a lower neckline and often a small train. To fill up the neckline, chemisettes or thin scarfs were worn. Theladies were showing of  beautiful clothes in public parks and during visits to friends. They were walking, shopping, going to exhibitions, riding in a carriage, a boat or they went for a stroll in the city or on the beach. When women were outside they always wore gloves and a bonnet or hat. Depending on the weather, spencer jacket, scarves or pelisses were worn. Go to Spencer& Pelisse for more historie and information.

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The evening gown had a short sleeve and was made of thin muslin, silk or satin. Sometimes older or married women wore velvet dresses in dark colors. The young, unmarried women wore light colours. To absorb the candlelight even more; the dress was decorated with shiny band, glass and krystal beads. With long gloves, preferably over the elbow, made from goat’s leather in different colors; White, black but also yellow or blue. Often with a scarf or cape.

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