Regency weekend in Veere

Program 23-25 August 2024Friday 23 August
7 pm – Dinner at Restaurant de PeperboomSaturday 24 August
There will be horse games ‘ringsteken’ throughout the day at Oranjeplein
& Guided tours in the morning
12.30 – 2.30 pm – Dance workshop in ‘de Korenmaat’
6.45 pm – Coach to the ball Venue: Veere-Middelburg leaving from Veere ‘Parking Kanaal’ or ‘Mauritsbolwerk’
7 – 12 pm – Mayor Schorer Ball in the Townhall of Middelburg
Coach back to Veere leaves at 00.15Sunday 25 August
10 – 12 am or 12.30-14.30 pm Regency Sail for 2 hours around lake Veere on authentic dutch vessels originally used for fishing
10 – 11 am or 12.30-13.30 pm Carriage ride through historic Veere & surroundings
3 pm – Afternoon Tea & Chocolate.
Weather permitting outside ‘de Korenmaat’ or inside restaurant ‘de Peperboom’
Dresscode for the activities: Regency/Empire1795-1815 attire 


For more info see the facebook event page

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